Wednesday, April 23, 2008


By now, just about everyone has or should have heard of the science behind the frog in the boiling water. George Barna's The Frog In The Kettle deals specifically this concept. The basic premise is to make change occur so slowly that one adjusts to the change without even realizing what is happening. Cataracts of the eyes slowly dim the vision of individuals and the effects are not noticed immediately but only later when the cumulative effects have drastically clouded one's vision. Long distance runners are not made over night but over a period of time, their bodies are trained to accept the rigors that running a marathon require. Training for running may not be so subtle but my point in using it as an illustration is to demonstrate the time that is required to build up endurance. It can be a lengthy process but over time, the body begins to adapt to the conditions that it faces. With subtlety and time, people can be overcome in just about any circumstance.

The greatest danger that any Christian, any group/church/denomination can ever face is the dilution of the Gospel. Or said in another way, any compromise regarding who Jesus is, why He came, what He accomplished while here and will accomplish when He returns is the greatest danger that we face. The greatest subtle change we face is the adoption of cultural practices and norms in an attempt to convey the Gospel. It is precisely here, the adoption of the culture, where the Gospel is diluted. Yes, Paul used Mar's Hill(Acts 17:23) as a starting point or rather as a conversation starter, but Paul did not adopt that altar of the "UNKNOWN GOD" into his practice as a Christian. And that is the subtle danger we need to be aware of in this present world. There are those who would have us believe that there is no danger in a Christian practicing Yoga. See HERE. There is certainly nothing wrong with exercise though bodily exercise profits little compared to godliness(I Tim. 4:8). But to adopt the Yoga practices of emptying one's self and the likes does begin to dilute the Gospel. The keeping of our hearts and minds comes through Jesus Christ(Phil. 4:7), not emptying one's self of negative energy or simply emptying one's self of everything. Rather, we are told to meditate(Psalm1), and we are told to think on things(Phil. 4:8). We are told to purify our hearts but this occurs not as we become nothing within but rather as we draw near to God(James 4:8) and this is not the god within but rather the God which is above(Romans 1:23).

All of this begins when God's Word ceases to mean what it says and men begin to form God's Word rather than letting God's Word TRANSFORM them(Romans 12:2). This is why Intelligent Design can be so subtly dangerous. ID says there must be a god. The Scriptures record more than the fact that there is a god who created, it reveals the true God that created. ID may offer a conversation starter but it cannot be adopted into the Christian belief of Creationism. The Scriptures offer so much more than simply that there is a design. But rather than acknowledge that God is revealed in creation, they would rather make their own god, evolution. If evolution is too bitter for some, they are offered ID rather than the Gospel. Here again, hear my point. ID may be a conversation starter, but it IS NOT THE GOSPEL.

As pertaining to Baptist Identity, we do face a two-fold problem. We do face the problem of legalism that can/will creep in if we cease to focus on Jesus as the Scriptures reveal Him to us. We also face the problem of liberalism that can/will creep in if we cease to focus on Jesus as the Scriptures reveal Him to us. In both of these cases, if either of them came at us with a full-frontal assault, we would recognize them for what they are, but our Adversary is much more subtle than that. He gently slips these seeds of discord into our fields under the guise of equal rights, academic rigor and steadfastness to tradition. He paves these inroads of turmoil with good intentions and self-pleasing methods.

These days that are upon us as Christians and Southern Baptists require a devotion and steadfastness to the revealed Word of God both Incarnate and written. We are called upon to be as wise as serpents but harmless as doves. Let us be Bereans and if we err, let us err toward the direction of grace, mercy and love when we know not how we should proceed.

And this is how I see it.


SelahV said...

Luke, and you see quite well, as I see it. Great post! This goes hand and hand with my Tootsie-Roll post, doesn't it? selahV

Luke said...

Mrs. V,
I think your tootsie rolls would find a welcome neighborhood on my post or vice versa. I just never thought of tootsie rolls that way. I still prefer the small individually wrapped ones. The larger versions are too much at one time.

ABClay said...

Brother Luke,

Very good post. We discussed that video briefly at SBCToday. Instead of witnessing to that unbeliever, the good "pastor" decided to "apologize" for the absolute truth that MacArthur holds so dear.

Jesus warns of the false prophets in Matthew 7. "Beware"

Grace and Peace...


Luke said...

Bro ABC,
Thanks for stopping in and leaving a fingerprint. Wouldn't it be interesting to pick that man's brain in regards to theology. It would be interesting as to how he could possibly have arrived at the conclusions he did. I don't think anybody just wakes up overnight and says hey, I'm gonna preach Jesus and Yoga. But...then again. This ought to encourage us more and more the need for faithfully preaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified.