Saturday, August 30, 2008


As of the present, we are going nowhere. Planning to hunker down and take whatever Gustav dishes out. But, I reserve all rights to bail out at the last moment and head north to fairer land. Lake Charles should be on the west side of the storm according to the weather prognosticators. See ya'll on the other side of Gustav.


Dave Miller said...

Did you survive?

Tony Kummer said...

Did you make it? Looking forward to more SBC blog posts!

Luke said...


I don't know how I missed your comment. Sorry. But yep.


Survived easily. Gustav gave us a gust of wind about 10mph and Ike gave us some about 50-55mph. Nothing bad at all.

I'll be rejoining the posting business after I take care of some loose ends around here. We are bringing to close our largest project of building a gym. That and church maintenance and all the other responsibilities, including hurricane threats have kept me busy. I'll be back though.